About Us

Hi...    We are Duncan and Tara Smith,
owners of Spring Hill Dairy.
We are a family of seven who enjoy working together on our farm.
We are all involved in harvesting milk
two times a day, seven days a week
and it allows us to spend quality time together  as a family.  We want to
share the beauty of our farm with you
so that you can make memories
with your family.
Smith Familly
Let Us Introduce You To Our Friends

Dennis and Salina Holland are the
parents of two children.  They enjoy spending time outdoors so they
made the perfect partners in our  pumpkin patch adventure.  As parents
we all wanted to pass down good
values and experiences to the next
generation.  We also wanted to build
strong relationships within our families
and the community.
Holland Family
The Whole Gang
Smith Family
Holland Family
Smiths and Hollands

Smiths and Hollands